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Explore The Undiscovered

Mountain Biking in Timor-Leste is still being discovered. Join with us to explore new trails, or ride existing trails. Below are some of our key riding destinations, but we are discovering more all the time.


In mountains that surround Dili, the capital of Timor-Leste, is a patchwork or trails. Built mostly for access to local farming families, the trails offer unique adventure mountain biking opportunities. The high mountain jungles, extreme ridges, sandy beaches, and deep blue ocean, are all found within minutes of the heart of the city.


The Maubessi area of Timor-Leste offers big mountain riding in the highlands of Timor. The weather is cooler, the mountains are bigger, and the scenery is amazing. Maubessi is best done as a multi-day trip, but can be done as a day trip from Dili.


In the mountains just behind Dili are flowing trails, lush coffee forests, and wide rivers. The ridges in Aielu are known for flowing trails and a dry climate.


Manatuto, to the east of Dili, is home to the soaring peak of Mt Subaun, and the barren deserts of Manatuto. In the dry season, there is the opportunity to ride gravel lines - the closes thing to skiing on a bike. Also at this time, the whales migrate past here, and can be seen from the trails above. We can work with the local communities to assist with whale watching and mountain biking in the area.

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